Geoff Leach

Dangerous Goods

A highly respected Dangerous Goods specialist, Geoff began working in this field in 1990, where he was captivated by the subject and never looked back. He worked in the CAA’s Dangerous Goods Office for 23 years, eventually as head of the CAA Dangerous Goods Office.

A previous Chairman of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Dangerous Goods Panel, Geoff continues his role on the panel currently as a Goods Safety Advisor on behalf of the Dangerous Goods Advisor Council of the US. He also currently Chairs the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Lithium Battery Workshops.

In 2016, Geoff received the George L. Wilson Award, the highest form of recognition for a lifetime of achievement in advancing the cause of safety in the transport of Dangerous Goods. Geoff leads our Dangerous Goods consulting, providing our customers with expert advice on UK and international DG regulatory requirements, and helping organisations get the necessary approvals to carry Dangerous Goods by air.

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