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Enterprise Risk Management with BowTie Server

Every organisation looks to minimise risk, whether it’s financial, organisational, strategic or operational risk.  In complex high risk organisations across multiple sites and operations, co-ordinating a coherent and effective risk management strategy can be a huge challenge.


BowTie Server aims to solve some of these harder problems in risk management by providing a cloud based enterprise solution which complements the rich and well-established functionality of the existing desktop products BowTieXP, IncidentXP and AuditXP. 


Features include:


Webviewer and World Map

Communication is key in risk management. To utilise the strength of the visual and qualitative  BowTie risk assessment method, BowTieServer has a central web viewer and world map to visualise the control framework for end users.


Hazard Identification (HAZID)

A lot of organisations have offices, operations, rigs or plants in different locations spread  across the world. The Hazard Identification (HAZID) module provides a map of the world with  all of your locations and allows you to create location-specific HAZIDs, resulting in location-specific BowTie diagrams.


Monitoring Barrier Performance

See an up-to-date view of the status of your barriers and benchmark barriers against each other, pick out potential outliers or analyse average performance across the organization. The insight that is gained with this model allows you to know where to improve your management system.


Audit & Survey Management

Create risk based audits using the BowTies. BowTie Server will include an integrated  audit  workflow to manage your audits and make sure questions are answered. It's simple, straightforward and you'll be surprised about the depth of insight you’ll get by combining audits and BowTies.


Templated Incident Registration

The Templated Incident Registration module captures barrier data on all incidents for people  who are  not necessarily trained in incident analysis. Users are guided through the incident analysis with simple wizard and help features.

Questions become more specific based on what is answered in previous steps. The wizard also  includes simple pieces of a BowTie to help provide context and understanding. Once the wizard has been completed, the program will generate a list of failed barriers, and the reasons why they failed.


Action Tracking

BowTie Server allows you to track improvement plans and recommendations that come out of  BowTies and incident analysis. The solution also allows you to integrate management  of  change  into  risk  assessment. As actions are closed out, the BowTie diagrams will be updated  with new information, making sure risk information is kept up to date.


Personal Dashboards and  Reports  on every level

BowTie Server has a number of standard high quality overviews, specifically designed to help  make informed decisions. Because the underlying BowTie diagrams provide quality  information, the dashboards will also become more useful. The overviews are designed for  specific groups of users, like managers, workforce or safety professionals.


Business Intelligence

Having a central repository will make it much easier to learn from the experience of other  locations. Rating barrier effectiveness can be done by looking at actual performance across  different locations. BowTie Server provides a companywide overview of all the risks, and quick  drill downs into specific problem areas.


Integration with 3rd party tools

Because all information is stored together and because BowTie Server has a standardised API,  it will be easier to integrate with 3rd party tools. This opens the door to integrations with  management tools that already exist within your company. It can be used to populate risk  dashboards, competency management software, permit to work systems, incident  management portals, action tracking tools and much more.

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