After identifying the barrier-based risk analysis methodology, BowTie, as an ideal safety management tool, the UK CAA chose Across Safety to support them on a high profile industry initiative known as ‘The Significant Seven’. The project included delivery of 24 BowTie templates, which covered the main safety risks for Commercial Air Transport (CAT) operations in the UK for industry and regulator use. The templates are available on the UK CAA website [Bowtie document library | Civil Aviation Authority (] and are widely used by organisations across the world.

Project Objectives

  • Deliver BowTie training to the CAA to equip individuals and teams with the skills required to both create BowTie models within the CAA and to analyse models developed by other organisations in the aviation industry
  • Based on the CAA’s list of seven key risk areas related to CAT, identify and map the top threats, consequences, risk controls and escalation factors using BowTie and make these ‘templates’ available for both regulator and industry use
  • Promote robust safety management in the industry through the use of BowTie methodology

How Across Safety Development helped

  • Developed and delivered courses to meet the specific needs of various groups within the CAA including introductory, refresher and advanced courses
  • Identified what models were required and prepared the framework for the suite of BowTie templates
  • Facilitated over 20 workshops with CAA and industry subject matter experts to build the BowTie templates, including the categorisation of criticality, effectiveness and risk exposure information for the relevant elements of the models.
  • Developed supporting material for the BowTies including introductory and best practice guidance material
  • Promoted the initiative to industry by regularly presenting at international industry events globally


  1. In feedback from participants at Across delivered training, 100% of respondents were positive about their experience and stated that they would recommend the course to others
  2. BowTie methodology has become an established risk management tool within the CAA and is actively promoted by the CAA as a tool to assist organisations in meeting SMS objectives
  3. A set of 24 BowTie templates and supporting explanatory material was completed on time and on budget. The results of this work are published and promoted on the CAA website. This has been widely acknowledged in the aviation industry as a valuable resource and has been adopted by numerous organisations both in the UK and abroad.


“Across Safety Development has assisted the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) by providing initial, refresher and advanced bowtie methodology and Bowtie XP software user training. Their trainers are enthusiastic and have great expertise, delivering the training to a very high standard. We also worked with Across on an innovative bowtie project to provide the aviation industry with bowtie templates relevant to the main industry risks. Their aviation experience and bowtie knowledge helped us create a product which is in high demand and we are very grateful for their assistance."

BowTie Program Manager, UK CAA


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