Customer Success Stories

Air Traffic Control Services Limited

Air Traffic Control Services Ltd (ATCSL) is responsible for the safe movement of over of 120,000 aircraft per year and over 6 million passengers at Liverpool, Doncaster, Durham and Carlisle airports . Having recently undergone a phase of expansion ATCSL wanted to update their SMS to incorporate industry best practices in risk analysis and safety management. Also critical was the need to provide consistency across all of their sites. After seeing a presentation by the CAA on BowTie and how that was being used, they contacted Across Safety to explore options. 

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Air Traffic Control Services Limited Case Study
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HNA Group

With over 100 million annual passengers, operating more than 1,250 aircraft and 16 airports, HNA is a Chinese conglomerate headquartered in Haikou, China. Having identified BowTie as the preferred methodology to manage and improve safety, Across Safety was selected to deliver intensive training to 45 delegates across 15 subsidiaries that covered both the methodology and BowTieXP software. 

HNA Success Story
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After identifying the barrier-based risk analysis methodology, BowTie, as an ideal safety management tool, the UK CAA chose Across Safety to support them on a high profile industry initiative known as ‘The Significant Seven’. The project included delivery of 24 BowTie templates, which covered the main safety risks for Commercial Air Transport (CAT) operations in the UK for industry and regulator use. The templates are available on the UK CAA website and are widely used by organisations across the world. 

UK CAA Success Story
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UK Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB)

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) investigates civil aircraft accidents and serious incidents within the UK, its overseas territories and crown dependencies. Its purpose is to enhance aviation safety by determining the circumstances and causes of air accidents and serious incidents, and promoting action to prevent recurrence. It is not to apportion blame or liability. 

In 2016, they chose Across Safety to help them assess the barrier based investigation tool IncidentXP and subsequently apply it to their investigation process. 

UK AAIB Success Story
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BowTie Training Live Online

Online BowTie training

With our live online training option, you can now attend any of our courses remotely. Learning is facilitated by our trainers in real time and in a fully interactive way so as to replicate an actual classroom setting whilst providing all the advantages of the online format.