Posted 24/10/23

Across Safety Development supports 5 Industry Firsts in the Uncrewed Aviation Vehicle (UAV) Industry


From delivering blood samples to displaying light shows, powerline inspections to High Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS) testing, as a business that loves to work at the cutting edge of uncrewed aviation, we’ve been privileged to play our part by supporting our customers achieve some ground breaking industry firsts:

  1. Customer: Skyports

Authorisation to carry Category B (UN 3373) dangerous goods by drone

As part of their initiative to deliver pathology samples for the NHS in the Scottish Highlands in 2021, Skyports Drone Services gained the first approval in the UK to carry dangerous goods by drone and were able to successfully demonstrate a use case previously unavailable.

Across Safety supported Skyports Drone Services’ application to become an approved carrier of dangerous goods in a range of key areas:

  1. Establishing the necessary operating procedures to cover the handling of dangerous goods
  2. Working with Skyports Drone Services to develop the necessary safety case
  3. Providing CAA approved dangerous goods training to Skyports Drone Services’ staff

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  1. Customer:

Permission to conduct non-segregated BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operations in an atypical air environment around electricity pylons

Autonomous flight technology developer,, became the first company in the UK to secure permission from the UK CAA to fly drones Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) in non-segregated airspace, in order to inspect the high voltage electricity transmission network.

To obtain permission to carry out a BVLOS operation in the UK, the usual process is to maintain the operation within airspace which is segregated from other users, often requiring a temporary danger area. Establishing these temporary areas typically involves working through a complex ‘airspace change process’ which can take up to a year, is hugely costly, and when granted, only lasts for up to 90 days.

Across Safety worked closely with the team to overcome this challenge by developing the safety case for unsegregated operations based on containing the operation within an atypical environment, in this case utilising the shielding provided by the structures under inspection.

This was the first approval of its kind in the UK, and paves the way for an industry wide change in how infrastructure inspections are carried out.

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  1. Customer: Avealto

Authorisation to test the first uncrewed airship in the UK

High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) are at the forefront of aviation innovation. Operating high into the stratosphere, they have multiple use cases including communications and earth observation platforms.

Across Safety has supported Avealto throughout their development phase, gaining approval from the CAA to conduct flight trials for the 17 meter long subscale prototype airship. This involved assistance in developing policies and procedures, and preparing the operating safety case.

The authority approved the application, and Avealto became the first uncrewed airship in this class to be approved for flight trials in the UK

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  1. Customer: Drones Suisse

 First approval for drone light shows in Switzerland

With our support, Drones Suisse were awarded the first drone light show approval in Switzerland using a swarm of up to 100 specially equipped LED drones.

Across Safety supported the application to the Swiss aviation regulator, the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), developing operating procedures and a safety case using the SORA methodology.

Drones Suisse were successful in their application to FOCA, becoming the first drone operator in Switzerland to be granted regulatory permission to carry out drone light shows.

Following on from the initial ‘site specific’ permission, Across Safety have also been able to assist the operation by broadening the FOCA approval. Known as a ‘generic’ approval, this includes the option to self-certify any locations which meet the established criteria (such as the safe distance from crowds and buildings) providing great scope for scaling and simplifying the business. 

  1. Customer: Confidential

Permission received to test the largest ever uncrewed fixed wing UAS in the UK

A national agency wanted to conduct flight trials for a fixed wing uncrewed aircraft, classed as a HAPS because of the altitude that it would fly at. It had a tremendous wingspan, was battery/solar powered and was also incredibly light. The intention was that the aircraft would stay in the air for prolonged periods two to three months completing various earth observations.

Across Safety supported the initiative by securing approval from the CAA to conduct flight trials with the aircraft which is believed to be the largest ever uncrewed fixed wing UAS in the UK to be granted such an approval.

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Achieving an industry first demands innovation, vision, and persistence. You also need the right knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the journey from having a great idea, through to a achieving a successful outcome. Whether you’re a UAS manufacturer or operator, UTM or UAM developer, we can help you implement a safety management system, and get regulatory approval to test, trial and operate your uncrewed aircraft.

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