Posted 07/09/22

New course - BowTie risk & safety management in Unmanned Aviation

At Across Safety, we’re proud to be industry leaders in aviation’s best practice risk management methodology BowTie. It’s been used by the manned industry for many years and now the unmanned sector is following suit.

That’s why we’ve just launched our BowTie risk & safety management in Unmanned Aviation 2 day training course.

Designed for post holders responsible for safety management, for the development of safety risk assessments and for accountable managers.  This course equips you with everything you need to implement and leverage the BowTie methodology across all key areas of your safety management processes, as well as in the preparation of high quality safety cases.

And to celebrate the launch, we’re giving away a 20% discount to all course registrations before the end of September.

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Why BowTie in Unmanned Aviation?

  • Best practice

When it comes to flight operations, BowTie is the benchmark for risk management best practice. It’s used by, and recommended by, organisations like ICAO and many regulators around the world as a preferred methodology to understand, manage and communicate safety and risk

  • Regulator applications

Including BowTie diagrams in safety cases for clients and regulators demonstrates a mature and thorough risk and safety management process. Indeed, the Specific Operational Risk Assessments (SORA) process developed by JARUS and used by EASA is based on a BowTie model

  • Safety Management Systems

In addition to using BowTie as the basis for a safety case, it is also an ideal safety management tool, providing the framework for safety communication across your organisation, for assurance and barrier based auditing and for safety occurrence investigations

  • Understanding your ‘Risk Landscape’

BowTie is a thorough risk analysis tool. It looks at where the Barriers have their effect, but on top of that, it helps to identify where your strengths and weaknesses are and where your organization is most exposed to accidents and incidents.

  • Identifying where resources should be best spent

No-one has an unlimited budget, and for startups it can be particularly challenging to work out exactly where safety effort should be directed. Having clarity from the BowTie models will pinpoint exactly where resources, both people and financial, should be focused

  • Engagement with stakeholders

Engaging with, and getting support from, stakeholders with your own organisation can be one of the biggest challenges that a safety manager will face. Having an easily interpreted visual tool is a great way to communicate and help build a healthy safety culture

  • Fast and effective decision making

Having the right information at your fingertips helps managers at all levels of the organisation make decisions with clarity and a solid evidence base rather than just guesswork. BowTie can be applied to all kinds of risks not just those around flight operations. Risks related to issues like project timelines and budgets, for example, can also be modelled very successfully too

Why Across Safety?

  • Experience

We know BowTie inside out, and we know the drone industry and its regulations inside out. We understand that training is not just about theory but about how to apply it in context and bring a huge amount of experience to the table as aviators and drone pilots as well as BowTie trainers

‘Their trainers have great experience, delivering the training to a very high standard’

UK Civil Aviation Authority

  • Impeccable track record

We’ve been training BowTie to the aviation industry around the world since 2011 including regulators, airlines, airports, MROs, air traffic controllers and defence organisations with exemplarity feedback. See our cases studies on how we’ve supported the likes of the UK CAA and Air Accident Investigation Branch successfully embed BowTie into their operations

  • Unmanned Aviation

The course is specifically tailored to drone operations and will cover relevant scenarios that you are likely to face during your flight operations

  • Flexible

In addition to our online courses, we also offer tailored in-house courses, giving you the flexibility on location, content and number of delegates

  • Software resellers

As partners to Wolters Kluwer’s, we provide the full range of BowTieXP software (the world’s leading tool for BowTie based risk management).

Visit our course page for more information and to register.

‘The training we received on Risk Management, methodology and software manipulation was exemplary, allowing us to move forward using Bowtie with the understanding, knowledge and confidence that what we were doing was best practice.’ 

Brize Norton and 2Gp Bowtie Development Officer, RAF UK



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