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Realising the investment potential of Unmanned Aviation

The Unmanned Aviation industry is packed with potential for innovators, entrepreneurs and investors.

There’s a global opportunity to expand the potential of Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS), Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM).

As established experts in our field, we know that this technology is on the cusp of delivering breakthrough capabilities.

So it’s a fantastic time to get on board.

At Across Safety Development, we understand that sound business cases are crucial to the successful adoption of advanced technology and realising the returns.

And we’re here to help you understand the prospects for Unmanned Aviation.

As renowned consultants, we can educate and inform you on the future of the sector, as well as giving you a fuller understanding of the potential of the individual project you’re exploring.

We can advise on:

  • Timescales for regulatory and certification approvals
  • What’s possible from a regulatory perspective, both today, and looking forward
  • Technical standards and equipment requirements
  • Potential regulatory hurdles and their costs
  • Post launch operational considerations and costs
  • Capabilities of new technologies
  • Realistic assessment of proposed use cases
  • Wider sector developments

For investors

If you’re looking to invest in this potential-packed sector, you’ll no doubt have questions about timescales, regulatory requirements and hurdles, potential ROI and the kind of barriers that might impede progress.

You’ll also want to understand the durability and safety of the technology.

We’re here to help.

Experience has shown us that regulation often gets overlooked until too late in the project, because UAS companies tend to focus on what can be done from an engineering perspective, not what can be achieved from a regulatory and safety one.

This can lead to huge time and cost overruns.

However, with our experts on board, this needn’t be a problem.

We bring a vast range of experience in areas such as HAPS (High Altitude Pseudo Satellites), drone deliveries and transport of dangerous goods.

We also have close ties with civil aviation regulators across the world.

How we help investors:

  • We advise you on what’s possible from a regulatory perspective, before making the investment – giving you a far more accurate picture of the potential ROI.
  • We offer one-off due diligence project assessments, before investment.
  • We can provide ongoing advisory support to the board on a range of Unmanned Aviation projects, from HAPS to Urban Air Mobility.


Got questions about a UAS investment opportunity? Contact our consultants for independent advice here.

For aviation innovators, businesses and entrepreneurs

Savvy entrepreneurs understand the need to plan ahead and make accurate forecasts.

Especially when seeking funding.

In a sector where regulation is crucial to success, the earlier you understand the potential pitfalls and ways to overcome them, the better.

This will help you avoid costly complications and delays to your project.

Our experts bring a broad range of experience in unmanned aviation operations, certification, regulation and safety. There’s no better partner to guide you through the regulatory requirements of your technology, and embed these into your business plan.

How we help businesses and entrepreneurs:

  • We partner with you on what’s possible on the regulatory and safety side
  • We advise your potential investors and give them confidence in the capabilities of the technology
  • We help you accurately forecast your time-to-market
  • We keep you informed about the latest regulatory requirements, pre-empting barriers to delivery and keeping control of costs.


Got questions about your UAS project? Connect with our experts here to discuss your ideas and challenges, and find out how we can help.

Speech marks

“Across Safety has provided excellent value for us when we’ve needed external support the most. Thanks to their specialist knowledge and expertise in obtaining unmanned aircraft regulatory approvals, Skyports has been able to secure BVLOS operational authorisation from the UK CAA to deploy our delivery drones for the NHS in the Scotland as part of the response to COVID-19, including becoming the first drone operator in the UK to be granted permission by the CAA to carry dangerous goods by unmanned aircraft. We cannot recommend Across Safety enough and they will continue to be our go-to unmanned aviation consultants in the future.”

Head of Regulation, Skyports, UK

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