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Your fast-track to BowTie

Saving you significant time, budget and resources, BowTie Complete includes a set of pre-populated BowTies tailored to specific sectors of the aviation industry, bundled with BowTieXP software and expert consulting input, it’s the complete package that you need to get up and running.

Benefits of BowTie Complete

  • A fast track to barrier-based risk management saves you time, man hours and money
  • Expertly developed risk management models provide assurance of quality
  • Understand where you are exposed to risk and what your organisations strengths and weaknesses really are
  • Allocate safety resources in ways that achieve maximum results
  • Display and interpret the results of proactive and reactive safety data collection direct onto your risk assessments
  • Rationalise your safety data monitoring activities
  • Add structure to your safety occurrence investigations
  • Effectively demonstrate your safety management activities to any stakeholder or third party
  • Improve safety engagement at all levels of your organisation with intuitive and logical diagrams
  • Meet regulatory requirements for risk assessment

What does BowTie Complete include?

  • Complete set of detailed starter BowTies covering the major risks specific to your sector of the aviation industry
  • 1 BowTieXP standard user licence
  • 2 hours consulting time to get you up and running

What sectors of the aviation industry are covered?

  • Fixed wing operators: ideal for business jet operators, charter operators and small to mid-size airlines
  • Airports: ideal for small and mid-sized airport operators
  • HEMS operators: ideal for any HEMS operation

Brochure:  BowTie Complete Brochure

Speech marks

“Across Safety Development has assisted the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) by providing initial, refresher and advanced bowtie methodology and Bowtie XP software user training. Their trainers are enthusiastic and have great expertise, delivering the training to a very high standard. We also worked with Across on an innovative bowtie project to provide the aviation industry with bowtie templates relevant to the main industry risks. Their aviation experience and bowtie knowledge helped us create a product which is in high demand and we are very grateful for their assistance.”

BowTie Program Manager, UK CAA

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