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With over 11 years delivering training, software and consulting to regulators, airlines, MROs, airports, defence and air traffic controllers, we’re recognised as the aviation industry’s leading BowTie experts. So we are well placed to help you get the most out of this best practice risk management tool.

We can help you by:

Implantation consulting: Guidance and advice to make sure you’re BowTie project is successful


Figuring out what BowTies you need and how you will do them at a high standard can be a challenge but with some professional advice you can make sure that you get on the right track early on. We offer this service either in-house or via webinar (or a mix of the two).

Benefits include:

  • Establishing the right balance between level of detail and the number of BowTies to develop
  • Making sure that your BowTies will provide the maximum benefit to your safety management system
  • Ensuring your BowTies are in-line with current thinking and best practices in the aviation industry

Facilitating your BowTie Workshops

Either remotely or on-site at your offices, our experienced BowTie consultants can help you prepare and run in-house BowTie workshops for the development of the risk assessments you need.

Benefits include:

  • Ensuring the quality of your BowTie risk assessments and helping to establish best practices
  • Maximising your staff’s time by keeping workshop sessions on track and productive

Providing you with the software, training and pre-populated BowTie templates to get you started.


See BowTie Complete for details

Speech marks

“Across Safety Development has assisted the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) by providing initial, refresher and advanced bowtie methodology and Bowtie XP software user training. Their trainers are enthusiastic and have great expertise, delivering the training to a very high standard. We also worked with Across on an innovative bowtie project to provide the aviation industry with bowtie templates relevant to the main industry risks. Their aviation experience and bowtie knowledge helped us create a product which is in high demand and we are very grateful for their assistance.”

BowTie Program Manager, UK CAA

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