BowTie rik management services





Risk Management Consulting

We understand the challenges you face and our team of expert consultants can help your business to:

  • Risk management strategy.
  • Project planning. 
  • BowTie based risk assessments. 
  • Industry best practices and processes. 

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UAV Operating Safety Case for submission to National Aviation Authorities (NAA)

We provide support for UAV operators who want to conduct ops that come under UK Category B, or EASA 'Specific' category (e.g. BVLOS), by assisting with the often complex and specialist process of gaining National Aviation Authority approval. 


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Safety Investigations

Across Safety provide insightful, independent and professional services for the investigation of incidents and accidents in order to help your organisation learn form undesired events and develop safety improvements. 


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BowTie Complete

BowTie provides a high quality and effective risk management tool but until now organisations wanting to use it have had to invest a significant amount of effort into getting it set up and running.


BowTie Complete is ideal for small to medium sized operations that want to benefit from using BowTie but don’t have the time, resources or budget to develop everything from scratch. It’s a solution that provides a set of pre-populated BowTies tailored to specific sectors of the aviation industry.

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