BowTie provides a high quality and effective risk management tool but until now organisations wanting to use it have had to invest a significant amount of effort into getting it set up and running.


BowTie Complete is ideal for small to medium sized operations that want to benefit from using BowTie but don’t have the time, resources or budget to develop everything from scratch. It’s a solution that provides a set of pre-populated BowTies tailored to specific sectors of the aviation industry.

BowTieXP diagram

Top 10 benefits of BowTie Complete

  • A fast track to barrier based risk management saves you time, man hours and money
  • Expertly developed risk management models provide assurance of quality
  • Understand where you are exposed to risk and what your organisations strengths and weaknesses really are
  • Allocate safety resources in ways that achieve maximum results
  • Display and interpret the results of proactive and reactive safety data collection direct onto your risk assessments
  • Rationalise your safety data monitoring activities
  • Add structure to your safety occurrence investigations 
  • Effectively demonstrate your safety management activities to any stakeholder or third party
  • Improve safety engagement at all levels of your organisation with intuitive and logical diagrams
  • Meet regulatory requirements for risk assessment

What does BowTie Complete include?

  • Complete set of detailed BowTies covering the major risks specific to your sector of the aviation industry
  • 1 BowTieXP standard user licence

What sectors of the aviation industry are covered?

  • Fixed wing operators: ideal for business jet operators, charter operators and small to mid-size airlines

Coming soon:

  • Rotary wing operators
  • Airports and heliports
  • UAV operators 

BowTie Complete support

An optional annual support package is available that includes:

  • 8 hours per year of online consultation with our BowTie experts. Use your support hours any way you like: fine tune your set of BowTies, develop additional models, integrate BowTie with other components of your SMS
  • 1 Year of unlimited BowTieXP technical support and software upgrades    

Your investment

  • BowTie Complete for aircraft operators with 1 to 5 aircraft: £4,700 GBP + VAT
  • BowTie Complete for aircraft operators with more than 5 aircraft: £5,950 GBP + VAT
  • BowTie Complete Support package: £1450 GBP + VAT

Additional Support Available

Through our consulting and training services we provide a full range of support for organisations wanting to take their barrier based risk management further. For example:

  • Barrier based audits using AuditXP
  • Barrier based safety occurrence reporting and investigation using IncidentXP
  • BowTieXP training
BowTie Complete brochure
This brochure describes BowTie Complete service provided by Across Safety
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BowTie Training Live Online

Online BowTie training

With our live online training option, you can now attend any of our courses remotely. Learning is facilitated by our trainers in real time and in a fully interactive way so as to replicate an actual classroom setting whilst providing all the advantages of the online format.