Outsourcing - Support for your Safety Management

Especially designed for small to mid-size operations with limited safety management resources, Across Safety offers a range of solutions to add flexibility and capability to your organisation that might otherwise be out of reach.


A turn-key solution to establishing barrier based risk management. At Across Safety we see effective risk management as a way to improve your bottom line and make your business more profitable as well as safe. 


Establish a professional suite of BowTie based risk assessments to cover your main hazards:

  • We provide a starter set of BowTies suited to your type of operation (e.g. business jet operator, helicopter charter operator, airport operator) and then customise them to fit your circumstances.

Monitor the Performance of your critical risk controls both proactively and reactively:

  • We organise and conduct proactive barrier based audits.
  • We provide and manage an on-line barrier based incident reporting solution.

Maintain and update your risk assessments

  • We conduct an annual review of your risk assessments to ensure they remain current and relevant

Communicate risk at all levels of your organisation

  • We provide board level and/or senior management reports about risk exposure, safety performance and recommended actions.
  • Make your risk assessments accessible to any staff member with a tablet, laptop or desktop with an internet connection.
  • We provide informative and engaging annual safety training day sessions to help promote your continuous improvement goals.

Subscription based access to BowTie Server

  • We provide access to the latest barrier based enterprise risk management software for a small fraction of the normal purchase price.
  • It's not just access though, we handle every step of establishing and maintaining the process.

Safety occurrence investigations

  • We can conduct a highly professional safety investigation response to a serious incident or accident in order to help your organisation learn from the event and improve safety in the future.

Whether you are looking to outsource all of your safety operations, conduct one-off risk assessments or for something in between, contact us to discuss your needs.