Safety Investigations

Whether your safety department consists of a single multitasked safety pilot or a number of specialized personnel, finding and maintaining the optimum resourcing level can be a challenge. Particularly during periods of change, having the ability to tailor resourcing requirements to the operational circumstances becomes not just an economic question but also one of capability.


Across Safety Development provides the practical and cost effective solution to dynamic resourcing requirements in a number of specialist areas including: Operational Safety Assessments and Safety Investigations.

Safety Investigations

In some circumstances an appropriate follow-up to a safety occurrence is an investigation. With safety improvement as the goal, professional investigations can lead to a reduction in operational risk exposure in the future. Incidents can then be seen as "free hits" from a safety enhancement perspective. Should your organization be unfortunate enough to suffer a serious accident, normally the state where the accident occurred will want to investigate the occurrence themselves.


Across Safety Development can support your response in terms of liaison with the authority and the conduct of an independent accident investigation that ensures your organization is fairly represented.


Across Safety Development investigations provide:

  • Independence and confidentiality
  • Depth and detail tailored to your organization’s requirements
  • Expert incident and accident investigators with significant hands on experience both in the airline and military environments
  • A practical approach to establishing tangible safety improvements
  • Regulator liaison and point of contact services


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