UAV Safety Cases: Assisting Operators with applications to National Aviation Authorities (including the use of  JARUS SORA)

RPAS Safety

We provide support for UAV operators who want to conduct ops that go beyond the standard permissions and need specific approvals. We do that by assisting with the often complex task of developing an appropriately detailed safety case as well as the supporting Operations Manuals.


For applications to your NAA, we can manage the entire process or assist with specific components of your application in order to maximise the likelihood of obtaining the approvals you need in an efficient and timely way.


We help UAV operators and manufacturers by: 

  •  Having a detailed understanding of the current regulatory environment and effective working relationships with CAAs/NAAs 
  • Producing and submitting operational safety cases using CAA/NAA recognised methodologies such as JARUS SORA and 'BowTie' where appropriate to demonstrate robust risk analysis and management 
  • Applying our many years of professional safety management consulting experience in the civil and military aviation industries to the UAV sector


See our 2018 Farnborough International Airshow keynote presentation on 'UAVs: Safety, Risk and Regulations' here, including:

• Summary of UAV operations and the UK/European UAV regulatory framework

• The Joint Authorities for Rulemaking of Unmanned Systems (JARUS) and the guidelines they propose for Specific Operations Risk Assessments (SORA)


Across Safety Development are certified members of ARPAS UK - the non-profit trade association for the UK RPAS (UAV) industry