BowTie in Aviation Safety Management (including BowTieXP)

BowTieXP Training

This course provides participants with an in depth understanding of BowTie methodology along with practical tips on best practices and applications for the methodology in the aviation safety management context. Participants also gain hands on experience with the leading software platform 'BowTieXP'. The course is approved by the BowTieXP developers CGE Risk. 

Who is it for?

The course suits those in positions involving risk assessment and safety management, from operational roles through to senior managers.


Hundreds of students have attended our courses from organisations such as The RAF, British Airways, the UK CAA and Heathrow Airport 

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What does the course cover?

  • BowTie methodology;
    • Introduction to the methodology, terminology and definitions
    • Step by step guidance on building BowTies
    • Best practices as well as traps and tips advice
  • Use of the BowTieXP software:
    • How to create diagrams
    • How to customise the software to your organisation
    • How to best utilise the various diagram and report outputs 
  • Building BowTie competencies:
    • Safety case study workshops exercises
  • BowTie in Safety Management System context:
    • BowTie's role within the SMS framework and ideas for practical applications 
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Workshop Activities:

1. Operational safety case - group exercise 

2. Development of individual BowTie for use in your organisation 

BowTieXP training quote

What format will the training take?

We use a mix of presentations, interactive exercises, case studies and guided workshops to make sure you get the most out of the day. 


We only choose training venues that create a positive learning environment: natural light, good food and plenty of tea/coffee. 


No previous experience with BowTie required however a basic understanding of risk management principles is desirable.

How long is the course?

2 days 


£955 + VAT 

Find out more

Call us: +44 (0)333 772 0859 

BowTie in Aviation Safety Management training brochure
This brochure describes the 2 day BowTie in Aviation Safety Management course (including BowTieXP)
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BowTie Training Live Online

Online BowTie training

With our live online training option, you can now attend any of our courses remotely. Learning is facilitated by our trainers in real time and in a fully interactive way so as to replicate an actual classroom setting whilst providing all the advantages of the online format.