BVLOS Operations in Support of the COVID-19 Response

Our experience in the preparation of successful BVLOS applications with Civil Aviation Authorities in the UK and around the world ensures your operation gets flying as soon as possible.

BVLOS approvals

'Operational Authorisation' for Specific and Certified Category UAS operations

Specialising in complex or BVLOS operations in the Specific Category, our areas of regulatory specialisation are:

  • ConOps
  • Operating Safety Cases (OSC)
  • Specific Operations Risk Assessments (SORA)
BVLOS approvals

UAS Certification Consulting

Obtaining UAS certification can be a challenging process. Our experience and understanding of current developments in CS-UAS, CS-LUAS and EASAs Special Conditions for Light UAS, means that we can help you plan and implement the certification strategy you need to be a market leader in UAS manufacturing.

UAS Certification

Temporary Danger Area Applications

At present, most BVLOS operations require the use of segregated airspace.


The applications process for establishing a TDA can be quite complex (e.g. UK CAA CAP 1616 'Airspace Change') but our experienced team are able to help you get your TDA set up with a minimum of delay and headache.

TDA applications

UAV Implementation Consulting

Establishing best practices for:

  • Operations Manuals
  • Policies and procedures
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Abnormal procedures and Emergency Response Plans (ERPs)
  • Technical equipment requirements
UAS consulting

Contracted Post Holders for UAV Operators

Scaling up your capabilities by providing expert support whenever you need it, we can provide either part or full-time post holders in the roles of:

  • Safety manager 
  • Training manager
  • Operations manager
  • Compliance manager
UAS safety management

UAV Related Training

Across Safety are a UK CAA certified 'Recognised Assessment Entity' approved for conducting training and certification of Remote Pilots. 

 We offer a whole range of professional courses including Crew Resource Management (CRM) training and Flight Radio Telephone Operator Licences (FRTOL) as well as UK CAA 'A2 CofC' and 'GVC' certification

UAS training

The Aviation Innovation Centre

The Aviation Innovation Centre, a joint venture between Across Safety and Goodwood Aviation, provides manufacturers and operators of innovative manned and unmanned aviation technologies with the airspace, facilities and services needed for the testing, development and demonstration of their aircraft, procedures and equipment.

BVLOS Testing at the Aviation Innovation Centre Goodwood

What our clients have said:

"Across Safety was the right choice for us. With their assistance, and expertise in the SORA method, we have been able to obtain the first drone light show approval in Switzerland using a swarm of up to 100 specially equipped LED drones.

They were proactive and easy to work with from our base in Switzerland using a combination of online meetings and email. We happily recommend their consulting services."

CEO Drones Suisse

Across Safety Development are certified members of ARPAS UK - the non-profit trade association for the UK RPAS (UAV) industry

BowTie Training Live Online

Online BowTie training

With our live online training option, you can now attend any of our courses remotely. Learning is facilitated by our trainers in real time and in a fully interactive way so as to replicate an actual classroom setting whilst providing all the advantages of the online format.