Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE)

A2 CofC and GVC


A2 Certificate of Remote Pilot Competency”-A2 CofC (Open cat)

- Additional theoretical test –provided by CAA or recognised entity

- Required for all flight in A2 sub cat and ‘C1 transition’

- May also be deemed acceptable for some pre-defined risk assessment scenarios


“General VLOS Certificate”–GVC (Specific cat)

- Theoretical test plus practical flight test –provided by recognised entity 

- Satisfies 99% of VLOS requirements for Op Auth, plus PDRA or STS involving VLOS flight

- Augmented by ‘additional GVC modules’ as required (only 1 at the moment) –Theory and flight test each time

- GVC Module 1 –covers ‘EVLOS’ type ops, including ‘STS-02’ and PDRA-01