Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE)

A2 CofC and GVC


A2 Certificate of Remote Pilot Competency”-A2 CofC (Open cat)

- Additional theoretical test –provided by CAA or recognised entity

- Required for all flight in A2 sub cat and ‘C1 transition’

- May also be deemed acceptable for some pre-defined risk assessment scenarios


“General VLOS Certificate”–GVC (Specific cat)

- Theoretical test plus practical flight test –provided by recognised entity 

- Satisfies 99% of VLOS requirements for Op Auth, plus PDRA or STS involving VLOS flight

- Augmented by ‘additional GVC modules’ as required (only 1 at the moment) –Theory and flight test each time

- GVC Module 1 –covers ‘EVLOS’ type ops, including ‘STS-02’ and PDRA-01


BowTie Training Live Online

Online BowTie training

With our live online training option, you can now attend any of our courses remotely. Learning is facilitated by our trainers in real time and in a fully interactive way so as to replicate an actual classroom setting whilst providing all the advantages of the online format.